Jinxed - The Story Begins

You graduated from DeSoto High School in DeSoto, Texas, in 1999. You’ve since gone on to a very successful life in your chosen field, as have your five closest friends from high school. Every year since graduation the six of you have gotten together for a reunion, despite college, jobs, moving across country, whatever.

This year, it’s Bobby Jinks’ turn to host the gathering. Jinks is a medical informatics scientist at Baylor Medical Center Data Systems in Dallas. He doesn’t spend a lot of time talking about the work he does, but apparently the job pays well. He has a house in Highland Park, a beautiful girlfriend (Lisa), two cars (a Prius and a Silverado) and he hosts a high stakes poker night once a month with hospital bigwigs.

For this year’s gathering, Jinks has invited everyone down to Hotel Zaza, about 30 minutes south of Love Field on Leonard Street.

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